Magigas is the official supplier of petrol for CI Speed ​​circuits in modern cars

Magigs is the official supplier of the Italian speed championships on the modern car circuit.

They are speed races.
They take place on closed loop routes called Circuits or Autodromes
Covered-wheel cars, i.e. production cars, tourism, grand tourers, supertourism cars, prototypes and also trucks and open-wheel vehicles, i.e. international formulas (F.1, F.3000, F.3) and free ones, can participate.
The cars start at the same time in an order determined by the qualifying tests.
The most advanced position on the starting grid is considered "pole position".
The start is "from a standing start" when the cars are stopped with the engine off.
The start is "launched" when the cars, after having covered a complete lap of the circuit behind the pace car, receive the starting order by means of light signals.

Italian Gran Turismo Championship

Italian F4 Championship

TCR Italy Touring Cup Championship

Euro 4 Championship

TCR DGS Endurance

Italian Sports Prototype Championship


06/09/2024 Results of the Italian Propotype and TCR Championship in Pergusa:

- TCR DSG: Silverstini signs race 2 in Pergusa

- TCR Italy 2024, the second race belongs to Volt

- Race 2: Uboldi takes revenge in Pergusa

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