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Benvenuti su Extreme Competition, produciamo e vendiamo carburanti da competizione, additivi e benzine speciali . Nel nostro online store troverete carburanti per auto, moto da corsa e per l’aviazione: Jet A-1 e Avgas 100 LL e Reference fuels. Inoltre potete acquistare additivi di ogni genere per benzine e diesel e prodotti ecologici e speciali come i carburanti da competizione a base di bio etanolo.
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Aviation fuels: JET A1 and AVGAS 100LL
For over 30 years we have been supplying JET A1 and AVGAS 100LL aviation fuels throughout Italy, guaranteeing absolute quality with our specialized staff and dedicated tankers
Racing fuels
Extreme Competition is the division of the oil company Magigas, an authentic Italian excellence leader in the fuel sector, specialized in the creation of products characterized by a perfect balance between the high performance offered and care for the engines of competition vehicles. For many years Magigas has provided its customers with quality and care in the production cycle that has made it known and appreciated in the racing sector. Magigas also carries out home and race field deliveries, as well as refueling services for cars and helicopters. Discover and purchase our products directly in our online store and for any questions about our fuels or special needs do not hesitate to contact us.
We are suppliers of the ACI track championships.
Magigas S.p.A. is the sole fuel supplier in the ACI Sport championships taking place on the track for the two-year period 2024/2025. By virtue of the know-how acquired in the racing sector, Magigas S.p.A. it is proposed again in a high profile context, covering, as far as fuel distribution is concerned, all the speed series on the circuit with a tricolor titration; namely the Italian Gran Turismo Championship, the Italian Sports Prototype Championship, the Italian F.4 Championship and the TCR Italy Touring Car Championship. The fuel we supply in the Italian Championship F.4, Italian Gran Turismo Championship and also in the Porsche Carrera Cup and Mini Challenge championships is 102-SPEED, the flagship product among our approved petrols. In the TCR Italy championship, the petrol is 98. Both fuels comply with CSAI and FIA regulations.
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