LPG and methane represent a valid, economical and eco-friendly solution in the automotive fuel sector.
Many car manufacturers produce various models (both for private and business use) which already leave the factory with the LPG or methane system fitted.
However, there is the possibility of upgrading petrol engines to LPG or methane fueling at authorized workshops, also benefiting, when in force, from the relevant non-repayable contributions.
Magigas markets LPG and methane for transport in Tuscany, both at its own service stations and at those of third parties.

Magigas also owns petrol stations.

They are modern systems where the customer finds answers to all his needs; can refuel with LPG, methane, diesel, petrol; find the car wash, the bar, the shop, the tobacconist, etc. Magigas has always aimed at the use of alternative and ecological fuels and has now also started to install charging stations for electric vehicles.

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